Building Shiftwork Vitality™

Our Training Approach

Our approach to training has been developed by both subject matter and L&D specialists and informed by our experience in how to develop cost-effective and sustainable internal capability. The course is designed to integrate facilitated workshops and in-field action learning to provide effective adult learning. Personal vitality is a function of performance reliability and resilience.

Building Shiftwork Vitality

Building Vitality for Shiftworkers

Shiftwork is recognised as a challenging work-time pattern with both fixed and rotating shiftwork schedules requiring employees to work at times which is typically a time for sleep or social and family time. Yet, shiftwork is increasing across the globe and not going away.

Employees participating in the Building Shiftwork Vitality™ Course report numerous benefits including enhanced sleep quantity and quality; higher energy and reduced levels of physical, mental, and cognitive fatigue; improved alertness at work; and enhanced capacity for handling change.

The course is designed to:

  • Improve overall knowledge about the human body's "Design Specs" for shiftwork
  • Support high enery levels and reduce levels of physical, mental, and cognitive fatigue
  • Heighten alertness at work and safety on the job and at home
  • Heightened satisfaction with and commitment to shiftwork

This training also focuses on fatigue risk management. It provides information and insight on:

  • How the brain benefits from sleep
  • How sleep hygiene, the neuroscience of sleep, dietary choices and digestion, and shiftwork guidance will deliver optimal performance results every day.

This intervention improves individual decision-making that fosters alert, well-rested employees at all levels.

Impact Measures

This training course, in addition to effective leadership engagement, governance and change management, can contribute to more significant organisational outcomes such as:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Decreased errors
  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer serious accidents
  • Reductions in turnover
  • Improved employee morale

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