DEKRA Insight Australia

About Us

We have a deep desire and ability to create positive change in safety outcomes for people and organisations.

Since 1979, DEKRA Insight has helped organisations successfully improve workplace safety by offering valuable insights, actionable strategies and making safety an integral part of their culture.

We take a holistic approach to enable organisations to improve and align leadership and the organisational context within which people can continue to do good work. We believe that workplace safety begins with leaders creating a culture of care, understanding that exposure is the result of a complex system and reducing exposure is best accomplished through a systems approach.

Our strategies and tools are underpinned by evidence-based science, cutting-edge technology, and internationally renowned expertise to create innovative, pragmatic and sustainable safety solutions for today and tomorrow.

At DEKRA Insight, our experts have identified six key solutions influencing the safety and wellbeing of today's workforce. These areas include and range from a variety of solutions such as:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Safety Leadership & Culture
  • Exposure Reduction Model™
  • Human Performance Reliability
  • Serious Injury & Fatality Prevention
  • Operational Reliability

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