Driver Safety

Understanding My Brain Behind the Wheel

Virtual Training Course

Driver Safety

During this time of challenge and change, we are likely to be more distracted than usual. For this reason, the importance of taking an extra moment to focus conscious attention will help control exposure and lessen the unexpected.

DEKRA’s Understanding My Brain Behind the Wheel Virtual Training Course is designed to specifically address the internal and external hazards that expose us to vulnerability on the road.

Organisations have faced challenges in recent years to take on a bigger role in the driving safety of their employees. Driving-related accidents have long been among the leading causes of worker fatalities and have become more frequent particularly with the increased use of mobile technology. Mobile phones, onboard computers, entertainment systems, and navigational devices have all introduced new distractions into an environment with an already significant potential for serious injury or death. In 2018, 35% of workers killed were employed as machinery operators and drivers.

Those organisations who are concerned with the safety and wellbeing of their employees are faced with the following challenges - how do leaders address an exposure that happens largely outside the gates, among employees who are typically alone at the time, and in an open environment with so many other uncontrolled variables? Is legal conformity seen as enough or do organisations need to do more?

Target Audience

This solution most often targets haul and delivery fleets, pool and other on-site vehicles, and will also reduce the employee’s personal vehicle driving exposures.

The solution compliments existing robust driver training as it focuses on how to take control of one's brain behind the wheel and targets human performance and related error reduction.

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