Human Performance Reliability

A New Way to Understand and Use the Brain in Workplace Safety

Advances in how we understand the human brain have created new dimensions to workplace safety. Optimised right and the brain can be a catalyst for creating a world-class culture. When leadership understands how the brain operates they can adopt brain-centric protections related to human performance reliability including tools, technology, and key skills training. A reason why leadership should focus on the brain is because it has become evident human factor play a significant role in serious injuries and fatalities.

DEKRA's Brain-Centric Reliability™ Suite of Interventions

DEKRA's findings show that Brain-Centered Hazards (precursors to performance error) commonly contribute to more than 80 percent of incidents and near misses.

DEKRA's Brain-Centric Reliability™ System (BCR™ System) and its suite of interventions help an organisation identify and address gaps related to human error.

SIFs result from a system that fails to address the natural infallibility of human behaviour. To understand how human factors play a role in exposure requires going beyond just focusing on individual employees. Instead, through the BCR™ System, organisations can examine all aspects of the workplace and its processes when creating strategies designed to protect workers.

Advantages of DEKRA BCR™ System:

  • It adds protective value to existing work processes by design.
  • It offers sustainably safe and in-control operations.
  • It transfers expertise to client SMEs.
  • There is a reduction in performance variability across levels.
  • The sustainability is embedded for continuity of change.
  • Services are available globally for scalable intervention.
  • BCR™ fits within existing systems and processes.
  • Operationalises human performance capabilities with leaders through frontline employees.
  • DEKRA has a proven track record of injury reduction, values-based decision-making, and building skills in human performance reliability.

What is the Focus?

Three organisational areas:

Values-Based Alignment and Decision-Making. The organisation prioritises decisions to better ensure leaders, teams, and individuals make aligned and safe decisions when it really counts

System Enhancement. The organisation builds in defenses to guard against the Brain-Centred Hazards, which are pre-cursors to Human Performance Error. (Examples of these defenses: SOPs, Job Briefings and Event Learning/investigations that improve human performance reliability.)

Skills to Improve Human Performance Reliability. Building leader, individual and team human performance capabilities for critical error reduction is key given that many people believe these errors only happen to “other people” and not themselves. Therefore they don’t make full use of existing performance tools like Take 5s, Stop Work, JSAs, and Job Briefings.

How Does it Work?

The BCR™ System is a suite of interventions organised in three categories:

1. Organisational alignment

2. System enhancement

3. Skills to improve human performance reliability

Additionally, customised human performance improvement projects are welcomed within this system.

Our Human Performance Reliability Solutions

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