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Moving Beyond Behavior: 4 Steps to Building an Exposure Focus in Your Safety System

Moving Beyond Behaviour

BAPP® Technology has been a major driver of workplace safety improvement since the 1980s. These improvements are validated by independent academic research from the Cambridge University Judge School of Business. Data analyzed from 2148 sites and 3.6 million observations provided evidence of 45% reduction in OSHA Recordable injuries in year three.

But even with all this success a highly effective implementation comes at a significant resource cost, time investment, and creates resistance. There is now an alternative, that delivers twice the results in half the time with a lower demand on the internal resources required.

Read this white paper to learn about this revolutionary new approach using new principles based on research, brain science and experience in BAPP®. Blending technology advances and improved sampling techniques is at the heart of this new process. The concept is to focus on improved exposure sampling & control rather than solely on safe andat risk behaviors.

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